Is Meditation Escapism or Experience?

I want to talk to you about a topic which is not really talked about very much (as its scary to those who call themselves spiritual), and applies to people who meditate regularly.

This is a very deep and advanced topic that can only be understood through the experience of doing, not merely by reading this article.

There are two types of spiritual people:

1. People who meditate to escape life, "control" their emotions, thoughts, feelings. Believing there is something inherently wrong with them that needs to be "fixed" with meditation
2. People who meditate for enjoyment, alternate experience
Majority of people fall into category 1 - escapism, even if they think they are part of category 2 - experience

Ask yourself a question. Do you feel you need to meditate or should meditate daily? If the answer is yes, you're in category 1. If the answer is no, you're in category 2.

Those in category 1 - escapism, should stop meditating for a while and learn to accept themselves AS THEY ARE and learn that every moment and action of life is a meditation, and that they are actually perfectly OK and nothing needs to be fixed at all!!! This will be a HUGE relief and release.

Those in category 2 - experience, should START meditating and will find a great joy, alternate experience in meditation. Experience of the inner world enriches one's life.

The majority of regular meditators forget to remember that meditation ITSELF easily becomes a RITUAL and an ATTACHMENT that we use to escape life and ourselves and use to fix ourselves. So by dropping meditation for a little while reinforces the idea that we were born perfectly OK without needing any tools to fix ourselves - that our true nature is perfect AS IT IS.

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